artist. Producer. Songwriter. Drummer. Audio engineer. SLUSHY LOVER.


Independent artist CABREJA is more than a triple threat. A self-taught acoustic drummer since the age of four WITH AN ASTONISHING TALENT IN RAP AND HIP-HOP, CABREJA has always been musically inclined and would oftentimes freestyle with his friends in his high school’s music room. He found that writing and recording music was the perfect way to express his emotions and overcome the challenges associated with HIS FAMILY BREAKING APART DUE TO having a parent battling drug addiction.


But it wasn’t until years later that CABREJA decided that he would use his story and his music to connect with people in similar situations.


Since then he has went on to release his positive and upbeat brand of hip hop on all major music platforms and has produced and engineered for a number of artists in the Hip Hop community.


CABREJA’s EP “Versatile” dropped in 2016 and his first full-length feature project will be released in 2020. CABREJA has opened up for NUMEROUS ARTISTS, aLONG WITH HOSTING HIS OWN LOCAL SHOWS. In addition to his solo work, he is called on regularly in and around his hometown, Reading, PA as both a live and session drummer.


CABREJA’s music has been featured on Rapzilla, Trackstarz, AND New